After watching her brother, Artka, march off to war against Ecclessa, Jeda is unexpectedly forced from her family home. Sentenced to a life of service, she is sent to the courts of the Emperor. Jeda fears she will be forced to a life of drudgery –or worse.

But when Jeda is scrutinized by the sinister Hod-ya she soon learns that she has been selected for the deadly “Scarth and Avangar” duels in Pitland. Jeda must either submit to Hod-ya’s depraved training and learn to draw on dark powers to fight, or resist the pressure to conform and allow herself to be victimized.

Will Logon Xychirion intervene and send a brigade to attempt Jeda’s rescue?

Jeda’s journey takes her from the emperor’s dungeons through the menacing Ra-Amawl forest where an ancient evil roams, and ultimately toward the foul, depraved Pitland. Jeda soon discovers that evil is even more prevalent and powerful than she could have imagined.

How can those who hope in goodness survive, much less overcome, wickedness?

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About The Author

John has worked as a stringer photojournalist for The Courier of Littleton, NH, and staff writer/photographer for The Caledonian Record in St. Johnsbury, VT. He has directed evangelistic Christian coffeehouse ministries, served as deacon and teacher in various denominational churches, pastored house churches, and, with his wife Beverly, been a youth group leader. John and Beverly were raised in evangelical churches and born again at early ages. They met in college, fell in love, and were married. Early in their marriage they were enticed to join “The Move,” a group that presented new and fascinating interpretations of Scripture. They soon became indoctrinated into their cultic teachings. Through the faithful prayers of family and friends they were delivered from The Move and its erroneous teachings. As a result, John became devoted to studying and memorizing portions of the Bible so he would know what the Bible said as opposed to basing his beliefs solely on what others taught. The Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade series is the outcome of the couple’s spiritual journey including their escape from deception. John wrote Inception to encourage believers to study and apply scriptural truth to their lives, engage in evangelism, and participate in the visible and invisible spiritual warfare around us.

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