The victim’s head is missing, but what
intrigues Detective Roland March is the hand. The pointing finger must
be a clue–but to what? According to the FBI, the dead man was an
undercover asset tracking the flow of illegal arms to the Mexican
cartels. To protect the operation, they want March to play along with
the cover story.

With a little digging, though, he discovers the Feds
are lying. And they’re not the only ones.
In an upside-down world of paranoia and
conspiracy, March finds himself dogged by injury and haunted by a tragic
failure. Forced to take justice into his own hands, his twisting
investigation leads him into the very heart of darkness, leaving March
with nothing to lose–and nothing to hide.

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About The Author

J. Mark Bertrand has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. After one hurricane too many, he left Houston and relocated with his wife Laurie to the plains of South Dakota.

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