With shoulders squared and dreams set high, Kit Shannon arrives in Los
Angeles feeling a special calling to the law. Yet under the care of her
socialite aunt, Kit quickly comes to realize that few understand her
burning desire to seek justice and practice a profession known only to
men. When her aunt adamantly refuses to support her unconventional
career aspirations, Kit questions whether she is truly following God’s
will. And when her growing love for a man pledged to another threatens
scandal, Kit knows her days might be numbered in Los Angeles.

chance meeting with Earl Rogers — the city’s most prominent criminal
lawyer — garners Kit an apprentice position, and work on a notorious
murder case. Someone has been killing prostitutes in Los Angeles, but
Kit is certain it’s not Rogers’ client. Determined to find the truth,
Kit runs full on into forces that want to stop her, forces that stretch
all the way to the citadels of power in the City of Angels.