When coffeehouse owner Jake shows interest in Angel’s Roost’s angelic wares, shop owner Tess wonders about their future — and what Jake really believes about angels.

Lily has suffered a string of devastating losses. Maybe helping rebuild flood-destroyed Wildwood will revive her dreams, too.

When a sale ad for a defunct North Dakota resort blew up against Olivia’s Boston-bound car, it caught her attention … then her determination to bring new life there again.

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About The Author

For as long as she can remember, Janet Spaeth has loved to read, and romances were always a favorite. Today she is delighted to be able to write romances based upon the greatest love story of all, that of our Lord for us. When she isn't writing, Janet spends her time reading a romance or a cozy mystery, baking chocolate chip cookies, or spending precious hours with her family in North Dakota.

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