Orphans Mila and Villie travel to America with hopeful dreams, only to discover the promises are vicious lies.

When a dead Eastern European girl is found in the San Gabriel River, and a week later another terrified girl with a similar tattoo is rescued from that same river, K-­9 officer Brinna Caruso and Detective Jack O’Reilly are plunged into the darkness of human trafficking. They’re determined to bring the man responsible to justice, but the trail seems cold. Magda, the owner of a collectibles shop in Shoreline Village, has lived in fear for years after borrowing money from her wealthy cousin Demitri at a desperate time in her life. Haunted by the plight of the Bulgarian girls kept hostage in the warehouse, Magda wonders if she should involve the police. But if she tells anyone—even her husband, Alex—Demitri won’t just hurt her family this time. He’ll kill them.