Her passion is finding abducted children and bringing them home alive…because, 20 years earlier, she was one of them.

Two cops, Brinna Caruso and Jack O’Reilly, are unwillingly thrown together at the same time a monster preying on children makes his presence known in their city.

Brinna is a K-9 officer who specializes in finding lost children. She herself is a survivor — abducted at six, and rescued two days later. She grew up with a passion to help other missing children.

Once, Jack was a model officer. But a personal tragedy has devastated him — he’s struggling to recover a year after his wife was killed by a drunk driver.

When Brinna and Jack are thrown together as partners, both would rather be anywhere than with each other. But when a monster begins to prey on innocent children, both learn that each might just learn from the other as they race to stop this monstrous predator.