Calvin Herbert Washington and his wife, Marla Belle, two teachers at the local Thomas Brimley Community School, promised each other they’d always look for the best in all students. But they didn’t count on the atypical ones, like Michael and Maddox Morgan, two brothers from a town called Strait, known to produce less than stellar citizens. The “odd” brothers, who high-five and continually tell each other, “All things!” have wild dreams of being extreme adventure outfitters. They definitely don’t fit the mold. At last, out of frustration, Mr. Washington shouts, “It will snow oats in July before those boys amount to anything!” But miracles just might happen, when you least expect them …

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About The Author

Jarrod E. Stephens is a middle-school teacher who enjoys educating the next generation. He grew up on a small family farm in Eastern Kentucky, and his books are born from his love for the simple farming life. Jarrod still farms and hopes that his sons will continue tilling the soil just as their family has done for so many years.

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