He thought his deadliest enemy knelt across the line of scrimmage. He was wrong! After a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Riley Covington is living his dream as a professional linebacker when he comes face to face with a radical terrorist group on his own home turf. Drawn into the nightmare around him, Riley returns to his former life as a member of a special ops team that crosses oceans in an attempt to stop the escalating attacks. But time is running out, and it soon becomes apparent that the terrorists are on the verge of achieving their goal—to strike at the very heart of America.

Written by a member of the NFL; gives readers an insider look at the world of professional athletes and military intelligence. Examines the challenges of homeland security in large-venue events. Explores the tension between the desire for revenge and the constraints of the Christian faith, especially as it relates to Islam.

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About The Author

Jason Elam spent 17 years as a placekicker in the NFL before recently retiring. He is working on a master's degree in global apologetics at Liberty Theological Seminary. He and wife Tamy have five children and live in Alaska. Steve Yohn grew up a pastor's kid in Fresno, California, and graduated from Multnomah Bible College with a bachelor's degree in biblical studies. His wife, Nancy, and their daughter are the joys of his life.

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