Though the Rayburns are in the midst of a separation, when word of Aryn’s disappearance
reaches him, Ryan launches his own investigation. Returning to
their home in Chapel Port, Ryan uncovers a clue that only he can
decipher, and it sets him on an adventure across Bishop’s Island.

Since its settlement, Bishop’s Island has been shrouded in mystery. Few know
the legends better than historian Aryn Rayburn, the foremost authority
on Bishop’s Island. As a descendent of one of the families responsible
for overthrowing Nathaniel Bishop, she learns that her abduction is connected to
the very secrets on which the island was founded. Aryn must test her own strength as she risks her life to
protect a secret she’s more deeply connected to than she ever realized —
a secret that, if revealed, could prove catastrophic to those she loves
the most. 

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About The Author

As a genre-spanning novelist, Jason’s stories offer unique fiction for a broad audience while appealing especially to readers who live a Christ-centered life. Combining morality and the supernatural, Jason’s writing is given a unique dynamic without subjecting the stories or readers to judgment or mockery.

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