Sydney and Elizabeth embark on an adventure in Cherokee, North Carolina, where they meet Galilahi, a young girl who is searching for clues to her Cherokee Indian heritage. Tales passed down through generations have alluded to an ancestral home called “the cabin of the rising sun,” though no one in Galilahi’s family has been able to locate it. Will Sydney and Elizabeth be able to decipher a letter written in a language they don’t understand? And will they be able to unveil more clues to help Galilahi find the cabin and answers to her heritage that she so desperately seeks?

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About The Author

Jean Fischer has been writing for children for nearly three decades, and has served as an editor with Golden Books. She has written with Thomas Kinkade, John MacArthur, and “Adventures in Odyssey,” and is one of the authors for Barbour’s upcoming “Camp Club Girls” series. A nature lover, Jean lives in Racine, Wisconsin.

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