Something strange is taking place in the northern woods of Wisconsin.
Sydney and Alexis are getting back to nature with Sydney’s aunt, on
assignment as a park ranger. During their stay in the forest, an eerie
purple glow appears in the distance from their cabin—not to mention
mysterious whispering coming from the local caves. Could this have
anything to do with the local lore of missing fur trapper, Jacques
Chouteau? Or is it something even more menacing? Sydney and Alexis,
along with fellow Camp Club Girls, are determined to solve this mystery
before their time in the woods is up!

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About The Author

Jean Fischer has been writing for children for nearly three decades, and has served as an editor with Golden Books. She has written with Thomas Kinkade, John MacArthur, and “Adventures in Odyssey,” and is one of the authors for Barbour’s upcoming “Camp Club Girls” series. A nature lover, Jean lives in Racine, Wisconsin.

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