Helen Sloane is in for one interesting year.

Written as a
series of journal entries, Helen documents the daily struggles a young Christian woman must face. Helen’s
new job as a social worker keeps her busy all day in a whirlwind of case
notes and court papers, and at home she’s a house group leader for
Frenton-on-Sea’s New Wave Christian Fellowship. She loves her church, but
she struggles with faith and doubt, exposed to the religious extremes
of both hyper-spiritual friends and her New Age mom. And with her busy
schedule, Helen also struggles to make time for love. Still, she finds
two men in her life: a handsome worship leader who might not be as godly
as he seems, and a former Christian turned Bohemian bad boy. Can she
keep her faith strong in the midst of a chaotic life?


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About The Author

Jeff Lucas is a bestselling author of fourteen books, including Lucas on Life, How Not to Pray, and Grace Choices. He is on the leadership team of Spring Harvest and is a teaching pastor at Timberline Church in Colorado, where he lives with his wife.

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