Plunge into the heart of the oil conflicts that pit
nation against nation in the Middle East and
dramatically impact the entire globe. As Russia
moves aggressively to seize control of the Baku pipeline,
the gigantic oil fields in Saudi Arabia and Iran fail.
Then one of the largest natural gas discoveries in the
world is made just off Israel’s coastline in the
Mediterranean. With the Eilat-to-Ashkelon pipeline—
funded by Nazi war reparations—connecting the Red
Sea to the Mediterranean, Israel emerges at the center
of Middle East conflicts over oil trade routes. Enemies
on all sides plot their downfall, and the U.S. is caught
in the middle.

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About The Author

Jeff Nesbit has been a national journalist, the director of public affairs at several major federal agencies in Washington, DC, and the communications director to the vice president at the White House. He’s written seventeen successful thrillers and young adult novels for Tyndale, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Hodder & Stoughton, and others.

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