Matriarch Sylvia Compson surprised her fellow quilters by marrying her longtime sweetheart on a
recent holiday. Eager to honor their favorite Master Quilter, the Elm
Creek Quilters hasten to stitch a bridal quilt for the newlyweds. Until
the time comes to unveil the surprise gift, Sylvia will be the one in
the dark.


Such little white lies seem harmless enough. But the
quilting retreat at Elm Creek Manor thrives on women sharing their
creativity, their challenges and their dreams. Somehow, in their race to
commemorate in the bridal quilt all they hold dear about Sylvia’s
wisdom, skill and devotion, her fellow quilters forget to give honesty
its pride of place.

Just when it seems that the women have
everything to celebrate, forces conspire to threaten their happiness and
prosperity. Two among them falter in their personal relationships,
while another suffers financial problems. As still two others weigh the
comfort of the present against dreams of a future far from Elm Creek
Manor, closely guarded secrets strain the bonds of friendship with those
who may be left behind.

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About The Author

Jennifer Chiaverini lives with her husband and two sons in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to the sixteen volumes in the Elm Creek Quilts series and four books of quilt patterns inspired by the novels, she designs the Elm Creek Quilts fabric line from Red Rooster Fabrics.

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