A devoted Christian, Brent wants a wife who shares his faith as well as
captures his heart. But the only women in his life are all wrong. Timid
Carrie is everything he says he wants, but there’s no attraction. Then
there’s Sabrina Moore…stunningly beautiful and always on his mind. But
Sabrina pulls back from faith in God, so she can’t be the one.

Moore has her hands and heart full. After learning of her younger
sister’s pregnancy, she vows to stand by her side, even if their parents
won’t. But her sister’s newfound faith and her pregnancy counselor,
Brent, make Sabrina’s commitment more difficult than she imagined. How
can they rely on God, unseen and unheard, to control their lives?

But as the Spirit begins to lead, Sabrina begins to seek understanding for a painful past…and a peaceful future.