Susan Hostetler, a young Amish woman who had left her community for
life in the outside world, returns home to her family with her English friend. Teresa Long and her newborn son hope to settle with the Amish, but Deacon Ray forbids the unwed mother from attending church services, fearing she’ll pollute the young people of the community.

Susan’s estranged boyfriend, Thomas Stoll, still hopes to win her back, but fears the trouble with Teresa will
drive Susan back into the English world. Thomas convinces
Yost Byler, an old bachelor, to propose to Teresa and adopt her child
after the marriage. When Yost visits Deacon Ray with his plan, Deacon
Ray agrees to the idea and removes the restriction, allowing Teresa to
begin attending instruction classes.

Outraged at this turn of events, Susan is unable to persuade Teresa from her plans to marry Yost.
Yet throughout it all, Deacon Ray’s son, James, notices the depth of
Teresa’s devotion to the faith and to her son, and finds himself drawn
to her.
With two Amish men interested in her, Teresa has a
decision to make … and so does Susan.

Will Susan stay in the community she loves … or venture back to the freedom she enjoyed in the English world?