Experience the time after Jesus’ death through the eyes of the women who walked with Him: Mary, his mother, Mary Magdalene, Susanna, and Joanna among others. Who were these women? What were they thinking, doing, and feeling in the months after the Crucifixion? What kept them going despite the efforts to stamp out Jesus’ followers? Women of the Passion offers a tantalizing insight into the lives of these women and tells their story in all of its excitement and religious fervor, emphasizing their importance to the founding of the new church. The book was inspired by Scripture and deepened by historical research.
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About The Author

Joan Driscoll Lynch is a Professor Emeritus at Villanova University where she taught Film Studies and Theatre for thirty years. Encouraged to write about the women who followed Jesus, Joan researched the New Testament and other sources to develop some engaging portraits of these women who walked with Jesus and sustained Him and His followers as they travelled across Israel establishing the beginning of the new way.

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