Folks in Lawrenceville take pride in two things: their high school football team and hometown NFL legend, Bill Bruszynski. The Bruiser.

Bruszynski led the Lawrenceville Lions to their last State Championship, but that was decades ago. Now the town pins its hopes on the Bruiser’s two sons:

Larry inherited his famous father’s talent – and that has college coaches salivating. He’s rugged, yet reckless and aloof.

Bill’s adopted son, Andy, may not be built perfectly for knocking heads on Friday Nights, but he’s courageous, humble, a natural born leader… and he’s always got his wayward brother’s back.

Larry is built as solid as a rock.

Andy’s faith in God is rock-solid.

As the Lions march toward the State Finals, one brother falls prey to a sinister recruiting plot, while the other jeopardizes his freedom, fighting for his convictions. The choices they face off the gridiron have the power to extinguish the town’s hopes… and cost one of them his very life.

When life’s battles turn gritty,who will stand their ground?

The Bruise Brothers are going to have to play with all their hearts. And leave everything on the field…

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Joe Jankowski graduated cum laude from John Carroll University with a degree in political science, did a stint with the US Army in Vietnam, then obtained law degrees from the University of Toledo, and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He and wife Sherry live in Virginia near their kids and grandkids.

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