There’s always a Martin. One Martin.

Martin Boyle already
has plenty to worry about. His germaphobic mother keeps him home from
school if she hears so much as a sneeze, and his father is always off
somewhere reenacting old war battles. Julia, the most beautiful girl in
school, won’t even speak to Martin, and the gym teacher is officially
out to get him. Which is why Martin really doesn’t need this curse
hanging over his head. On a trip to the family cemetery, Martin wanders
among the tombstones of his ancestors and discovers a disturbing
pattern: when one Martin is born, the previous Martin dies. And — just
his luck — Martin’s aunt is about to give birth to a baby boy, who will,
according to tradition, be named Martin. Martin must find a way to
break the curse, but every clue seems to lead to a dead end. And time is
running out.

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About The Author

Jonathan Friesen is an author, speaker, and youth writing coach from Mora, Minnesota. His first young adult novel, Jerk, California, received the ALA Schneider Award. When he’s not writing, speaking at schools, or teaching, Jonathan loves to travel and hang out with his wife and three kids.

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