A novel dangerously close to evil and too close to reality…dabbling in things not of God.

Maya is a young woman of extraordinary prospects who is drowing in intense discontent. In the midst of her anguish she meets Cha Ma, a Hindu guru. Immediately she believes that Cha Ma is an avatar–a human incarnation–of the goddess Kali, the most malevolent and destructive of all Hindu deities.

Spellbound, Maya leaves behind her parents, faith, career, life and runs off to India to live in Cha Ma’s ashram as a Hindu.

Her choice hurls her parents into emotional, spritual, and physical battles far beyond their wildest imaginations, for they must fight for their daughter’s life and soul as she teeters on the edge of her very existance.

Spirits supernaturally collide as they battle for the lives and souls of Maya, her parents and the people attached to them.

As Maya seeks the truth, she finds that dabbling in the things not of God makes way for the incidiousness and slipperiness of evil and the danger of sliding deeper and deeper into its darkness.

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About The Author

Whileat Harvard, Jovan Jones underwent a spiritual crisis that started her along the path of different religions. After many years, she turned to Christ -- and now writes Christian fiction to help readers get a revelation of Him in all His greatness, even if it's just an inkling! Currently she serves as a mentor facilitator to increase teacher retention and efficacy. She and her son live in North Carolina.

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