Deidre, a runaway slave, and her son, Jedediah, are thankful for their new life with Ethan and Mandy Evanston, who treat them as treasured family members. But memories of her beloved Jeremiah, sold away from her, fill her heart with anguish. Jeremiah has been offered a document of freedom — and wages that could buy his family from slavery — if he chooses to stay at Rose Hill Plantation. When kind Mr. Wally takes deathly ill, Miss Sue Ellen and the children desperately need Jeremiah. But what about his own dreams? As Deidre and Jeremiah cling to their hopes for a someday world that won’t see the color of their skin, might God’s promise come true: that where two agree, all things are possible?

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About The Author

Judi Ann Ehresman grew up in Indiana, but she and her husband have since moved to Virginia to be near their children and grandchildren. She became a pastor’s wife, mother of two boys, owned and managed several businesses, and has been a popular oral reader of her short stories and poetry at children’s and women’s banquets and teas.

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