Did the father of our country vandalize furniture and unwittingly create a valuable artifact or is the story about George just an elaborate hoax?

For years after her divorce, Karen Maxwell handled administrative paperwork for her brother’s private investigation agency while he ran around town doing the “fun” part—the investigation. When his partner retires, he finally offers her a chance to take a case of her own. She soon finds out why.

The assignment involves the theft of the local historical society’s most treasured artifact, and her brother figures everyone involved is a little crazy. While Karen poses as a volunteer at the site to catch the thief, she meets a host of dedicated historical re-enactors, one of whom happens to be tall, handsome and unmarried. Unfortunately, he is also a prime suspect.

And not only does she have to spend her Saturdays running around in funny clothes, she has to somehow get her kids to go along with it, too…

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About The Author

K.D. Hays is the alter ego of author Kate Dolan. While Kate writes a variety of historical fiction and non-fiction and volunteers as a living historian, K. D. Hays spends her time riding roller coasters and water slides with her kids. Hays writes contemporary mysteries about a divorced soccer mom who’s trying to figure out just where God fits into a life full of kids and career.

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