Paintings slashed…furniture broken…someone is wreaking havoc at the Blue Moon Art & Antiques Gallery.

Fledgling private investigator Karen Maxwell goes undercover as a salesclerk to find out who’s behind the vandalism, and why. She learns little from friendly clerk Vicki and Eric, the shop’s surly, tight-lipped porter, would run over her with a hand truck before he’d answer any questions. The guilt may even lay with the shop owners themselves, despite the fact that they’re the ones who hired her.

Karen’s investigation seems to be going nowhere—just like her once-promising relationship with Brian, the handsome blacksmith who could sweep her off her feet in a minute… if he’d ever take a break from working with the church youth group. Frustration mounts as her dreams of romantic evenings turn into endless rehearsals for the church Christmas play.

If Karen can’t crack the case soon, she may find herself busted back to plain, old office manager, her dreams of a career as a private investigator—and a life with Brian—as old and busted as the Blue Moon’s vandalized antiques…

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About The Author

K.D. Hays is the alter ego of author Kate Dolan. While Kate writes a variety of historical fiction and non-fiction and volunteers as a living historian, K. D. Hays spends her time riding roller coasters and water slides with her kids. Hays writes contemporary mysteries about a divorced soccer mom who’s trying to figure out just where God fits into a life full of kids and career.

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