A wonderful, classic tale along the lines of Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Camilla, age 12, and Ebeny, age 10, are sisters leading a normal, everyday life with their uncle. But one day all of that changes when they are suddenly whisked away to another world.

In this new world, they uncover many secrets and befriend extraordinary-creatures who help them flee from Gorgon, an evil sorcerer who would do anything to destroy them. In the end, will good triumph over evil?


With imaginary creatures aplenty – gallops, sorcerers, runkeys, dragons, becons – who fight for either good or evil, two young girls discover that they are actually elves, the last two elves alive. The Last Two must learn about their true identity, develop their magical talent and warrior skills, and then battle to defeat Gorgon, the evil enemy. In the final battle, they do indeed defeat Gorgon – at least for now.

Elves of Zeoch immerses you in another world, and reveals the strong power that lies in the bond between family and friends.

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About The Author

Kaden Hurley, age 12, lives in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. She attends Big Spring Middle School. Writing is Kaden's passion, but when she's not writing, she's reading fantasy novels, playing softball for the Hurricanes, playing her clarinet, cheerleading for the Big Spring Bulldogs, or spending time with her family and friends. She wrote her first novel at age 11.

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