Four different people, four different lives, and one God never missing a second. Dexter is a young man running from his past and the God he once served. Penny is dominated by peer pressure, but what price will she pay to fit in? Sixteen-year-old Ryan is torn between the mother he loves and the father he hates. Hannah is a young girl who has felt the sting of rejection and only wants to be loved. But real love is not easy to find in high school. When the blinders of sin, anger, rebellion, and fear are removed, will Dexter, Penny, Ryan, and Hannah finally see that the man who died on the cross is all they need?

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About The Author

Karmen J. Buchanan was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She gave her life to the Lord at twelve years old. Since she knows what it is like to serve God at a young age, she writes books that encourage young people to live for Christ. During her sophomore year of high school, she began writing The Greatest Love Story. Karmen is currently working on her next book while attending college.

Books by Karmen J. Buchanan