Ellen Jones, first introduced in the Baxter series, enjoys a leisurely lunch at a Seaport restaurant where she overhears a private conversation at the table next to her—and disturbing accusations involving the husband of a woman she has recently befriended. When Ellen goes to the husband’s employer and cannot get answers, she digs through old newspaper articles and stumbles onto information too frightening to keep to herself. Will Ellen become enmeshed in speculation and gossip—or will she take the lead and become a catalyst for truth and healing?

Dangerous Secrets?

Ellen Jones is enjoying a leisurely lunch at Gordy’s Crab Shack when she overhears a private conversation at the next table—and disturbing accusations about the husband of a woman she’s befriended.

Reluctant to go to her friend with hearsay, yet compelled to search for answers, Ellen stumbles onto information that gives her cold chills—facts too frightening to keep to herself.

Is a child in jeopardy? That’s the question that drives Ellen to delve deeper into a stranger’s past. How can she turn a blind eye when she has information that might prevent a heartbreaking tragedy?

Join Ellen Jones, the former newspaper editor from Kathy Herman’s acclaimed Baxter Series, for a new series of thrills and intrigue—and lessons about life and faith.

Story Behind the Book

“My novels don’t come to me ahead of time; each book flows off the tips of my fingers as I sit down and begin to ‘feel’ the issues deep inside myself. For me, the most intriguing aspect of my writing style is that I don’t plan and outline the stories. I turn my fingers loose and get inside the characters and instinctively know where I need to go. After all the suspense is said and done, my hope is that each story will give us pause. That in the deepest part of our souls, we’ll embrace the depth of what it means to be believers and then be moved to share its powerful simplicity with those who struggle without hope. I want to take my readers inside my characters’ hearts and minds so they will ‘experience’ just how destructive gossip really is and see that it never accomplishes anything God-honoring, whether or not it’s true.”