Buried deep beneath the sands of Iraq, an ancient chamber filled with mystery is uncovered by a team of archaeologists led by Jeffrey Evans. In addition to finding strange corpses and leather-bound tomes, the team discovers the chamber also houses a nearly complete, two-story pyramid that is a kind of spacecraft. When forced to activate the pyramid due to a surprise attack from an unknown adversary, Jeffrey, his wife Rebecca, and the rest of the
team are launched into a journey that threatens their lives, their relationships, and their beliefs.

As they face vicious dinosaurs, primitive Mayans, ancient Greeks, and ice-age cavemen, each of the travelers begins to wonder about the true purpose of the pyramid. Is it a spacecraft, an inter-dimensional device, a time machine, or something else? Where—or when—is it taking them? And, will they be able to find their way back home?

Filled with edge-of-your-seat action, serious drama, and memorable characters, Pyramid of the Ancients grips the reader from page one. It also contains helpful notes and extensively researched information about the true history of the earth based upon the biblical worldview. This novel is highly recommended for anyone interested in the debate of Creation vs. Evolution.

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About The Author

Keith Robinson, the Extensions Director of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, has dedicated his life to teaching others about the evidence for creation and against evolution. He is also a full-time public school orchestra director; serves as Principal Violist of the Full Score Chamber Orchestra in Zion, Ill.; and is a professional freelance violist and violinist. He and his family live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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