They said, “Daniel still prays to his God everyday!
He cares nothing for you or the things that you say!
He must sleep with the lions! The law is quite clear!
You signed it yourself! See your seal is right here!”

What happens to Daniel after he refuses to pray to King Darius, and prays to God instead? He finds himself in a den full of hungry lions! Find out how Daniel is rescued—and how the king’s wicked helpers get a punishment they deserve!

Magnificent Tales are rhyming Bible stories with clever art and clear lessons that the whole family will enjoy. The stories and illustrations are so engaging that you won’t grow tired of reading and re-reading a Magnificent Tale night after night!

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About The Author

Kelly Pulley has illustrated dozens of The Beginner's Bible books for over ten years. He started his career as an artist working on licensed character T-shirts for an apparel company. He currently lives in Tennessee.

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