On earth the balance between good and evil is about to be shifted towards darkness as spiritual warfare blazes in the heavens. Resistance!

This is the heroic journey of a small community church led by Pastor Andrew Stone entangled with a band of freedom fighters as they struggle to subvert a global conspiracy to enslave the world. Resistance!

Archaeologist Jason Fox unknowingly unleashes a demonic hoard set to possess mankind under the auspices of the United Global States of the Earth (UGSE), a new global government intent on implementing its version of the United Nations Agenda 21. Resistance!

At the New Life Foundation, a place of peace and solitude, Isabelle Zenn inspires and instructs young, open-minded people into positions of honor and power; under the direction of Michael Damious, however, it is also a place where darkness begins and evil thrives. Resistance!

Who will win the battle for mankind’s soul?

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About The Author

Kim Bishop enjoys studying different religions, political systems, and conspiracy theories. The reality of spiritual warfare in the world has inspired her to write this story of the power of prayer over the realms of darkness both on the spiritual and physical planes. She lives in Strasburg, Virginia, with her husband, youngest son, and three cats.

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