Katy is looking forward to the best summer ever. Her closest friend,
Shelby, comes to stay with her when an accident forces her to miss her
family’s mission trip. But when Katy’s aunt faces a serious illness and
needs the girls to run the fabric store, Katy’s plans fall apart.
Suddenly what should have been a summer of relaxation becomes filled
with long hours at the shop. But then a Mennonite boy visits her
community for the summer. His presence complicates her life, as do her
feelings for Bryce, her non-Mennonite crush. Katy has several decisions
to make by the time August arrives, the largest being whether she will
attend school in the fall and follow her dreams, or continue on in her
Mennonite life to help her family. Katy struggles to choose between the
two worlds she loves, but the final decision may be out of her hands.