This children’s book weaves an uplifting tale of adventure, family, friends and most importantly the power of God’s Word. First time author Kimberli Renee Campbell tells a gripping tale of a young man’s journey to understand his faith.

The Sword of Light is not about just any sword. Shayia wields a sword crafted by his father’s hands following instructions the Creator gave him. The sword draws its power directly from the Sacred Book. When challenging situations arise, words of the Sacred Book materialize across the blade giving Shayia the help and guidance he needs to continue his quest.

When the dark forces that killed Shayia’s father return to the land and threaten the peaceful village of Sedona, Shayia must face his sworn enemy – the sorcerer Izahrik and the evil Draga he commands.

Armed with The Sword of Light, Shayia sets out on a journey that will change him forever. Will revenge and hatred consume him, or will he learn the secret to true victory?

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About The Author

Kimberli Reneé Campbell resides in Nebraska with her husband, Todd, and their two sons, Xavier and Alex. After working outside the home for many years, the Lord opened a door to allow her to write The Sword of Light from home, where she continues to work with the support of her family and friends.

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