A serious misunderstanding leads to serious danger.

McKane’s world is turned upside down when her roommate Rosa blames Jeri
for using a secret against her. If the real blackmailer isn’t stopped,
Rosa’s secret could lead to her expulsion. Rosa’s lead role in the
school play also hangs in the balance—as does a special friendship. To
make matters worse, Jeri’s dad turns up after months of no
communication. Why does everything have to be so complicated—and where
is God when you need him? A gifted investigator, Jeri may require a
power larger than herself to stay out of harm’s way. Can she learn to
reach out in time?

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About The Author

Kristi Holl is a best-selling award-winning author of dozens of middle-grade novels. With additional background as an elementary school educator and instructor of writing for children, Kristi's books are on many recommended reading lists and have been nominated for numerous Children's Choice Awards. Kristi has three grown daughters and lives in Texas.

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