Single father and rancher Tate Lockwood already has his hands full — and now he’s been asked to escort a woman through the Western frontier! But beautiful Sophie Montgomery is as strong-willed as she is brave. And although she’s not the conventional tutor he wants for his sons, she just might be the perfect fit.

Sophie, still recovering from heartbreak, is ready to start life afresh. And that includes a startling new ambition — climbing Longs Peak in the Colorado Rockies—as well as teaching Tate’s boys. When she starts to fall for this motherless family, Tate, who’s suffered losses of his own, is reluctant to return her feelings. And yet, maybe they can help each other navigate the terrain of newfound love…

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About The Author

From the time she was little, Laura Abbot's grandmothers filled her ears and her imagination with the power of language and storytelling. As she grew up, she learned the joy of poetry read aloud and the magic of storytelling. With encouragement from my teachers, I majored in English and spent twenty-five fulfilling years as a high school English teacher and administrator.

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