Wounded by Love and War

He survived a battlefield massacre and, before that, his fiancée’s betrayal. Cavalry officer Caleb Montgomery is unable to trust in anything now, especially himself. But then he’s stationed in Fort Larned, Kansas, where Lily Kellogg, the lovely army surgeon’s daughter, begins to rekindle his faith—and his hope.

Caleb is the kind of gallant, surprisingly sensitive man Lily never expected to find on the Western frontier. Since childhood, she has longed for the stability and culture only the big city can offer, and her most cherished wish is suddenly within reach. Still, putting both their dreams to the test is the one way she and Caleb can find their road home—to each other.

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About The Author

From the time she was little, Laura Abbot's grandmothers filled her ears and her imagination with the power of language and storytelling. As she grew up, she learned the joy of poetry read aloud and the magic of storytelling. With encouragement from my teachers, I majored in English and spent twenty-five fulfilling years as a high school English teacher and administrator.

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