Ellie Wold can’t wait to graduate from high school. She and Andrew
Bjorklund have been waiting to get married since … well, since forever,
and in June they will finally wed. When Andrew announces they have to
postpone the wedding, she’s disappointed but takes it in stride — there
must be a good reason, or Andrew’s pa wouldn’t ask it of them.

Andrew is angry and can’t understand why Ellie isn’t upset too,
especially when they’d been planning to “marry up” ever since they were
in grade school. Disgruntled, he works out his frustration in stubborn
determination to finish building their barn and mail-order house,
working himself to exhaustion. But just when the new house is nearly
finished, an unthinkable tragedy occurs. Throwing aside the vow he made
to Ellie, Andrew seeks revenge …
As their plans unravel, will their love survive?