Sawyer Jensen is ready to grab life—and his new job—by the horns. The tall, hazel-eyed cowboy has been brought in to revive Quay County’s faltering rodeo, but his bigger challenge may be taking on Erin Delong. The beautiful rodeo rider was in the running for Sawyer’s job, and she’s not walking away without a fight. Sawyer is no stranger to conflict, but the feelings Erin is stirring in him are brand-new. Her independent spirit both intrigues and scares him. As it turns out, Sawyer’s biggest project will be repairing his own wounded heart—and Erin may just be the perfect person for the job!

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About The Author

Leann is an avid gardener, a master composter and a teacher. Through her writing, she's made many different friends. Since she writes suspense, she's come to know most of the law enforcement agencies around her city. She's also made friends with the district attorney in her part of Texas.

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