Betty Lynne Davidson is planning her husband’s funeral while overlooking one thing: he’s not dead.

Suzanne Mullins, forty-two, gets the call from her father to come back
home to Texas because her mother has gone off the deep end, she knows it
will mean having to look at the faulty foundations of their marriage as
well as her own. Betty Lynne has always upheld a perfect facade of home
and family, and Suzanne has followed suit. But her life with husband
Mike and son Oliver is cracking under the pressure of its own unspoken

Looking her past in the eye once and for all, Suzanne
hopes that trusting in God’s love and mercy will set all of this
craziness straight—even if it does mean having to watch her father give
the eulogy at his own funeral.


a hoot! Leanna Ellis has a gift for storytelling and for quirky, fun,
eccentric characters entirely true to the human experience.”
Arlene James , author of His Small-Town Girl

entertaining tale, full of rich characters and a deep lesson about
healing the past. Leanna Ellis is on my reading list from here on out.”
Rachel Hauck, author of Sweet Caroline and Diva NashVegas

“A wacky, off-the-wall read that’s spiritually right on target!”
Cathy Marie Hake, author of Forevermore and Fancy Pants

a smooth pairing of wit and grit, Leanna Ellis weaves a tale of flawed
relationships and crippling regrets with wonderfully timed comedic
threads. A fresh, clever look at the audacity of love that forgives.”
Susan Meissner, author ofBlue Heart Blessed

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About The Author

Leanna Ellis sold more than 1.3 million romantic novels writing as Leanna Wilson, winning a Readers' Choice award and the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award for her work. Elvis Takes a Back Seat is the first book published under her married name, marking a new creative direction in her writing. A former schoolteacher, Leanna is now a homeschool mom and lives with her husband and children in Keller, Texas.

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