In a time of confusion,
in the midst of grief,
they discovered something beautiful.

Julia Wortham is a strong woman with a strong faith to match. She and
her husband, Samuel, rely on God, their creativity, and the love of
their friend Emma Graham to provide for their family in the impoverished
conditions of 1931.

But just days before Christmas, the Wortham family is faced with a
terrible loss-the death of their neighbor Wilametta Hammond, who is the
mother of ten and the glue that holds her family together. In his grief
over her death, her husband, George, ignores the children and has no
will to live. Sam and Julia step in to help, but how can they manage ten
extra children when they barely have enough for themselves?

In the web of emotions and fear, Julia’s faith begins to tangle. Why
would God take away someone who was needed so much? How can the void of
lost friends be filled? But amidst their sorrow, the grieving families
discover the unexpected-a gift of hope that will shape them all