She wanted a father. They wanted the truth.

In 1932, a small-town Fourth of July celebration delivers more than
just a display of fireworks for Samuel and Julia Wortham. As they return
from the local festivities, the Worthams find that Samuel’s brother,
Edward, is out of prison and at their doorstep. And he ‘s not alone.
Surprise turns to shock and confusion as Edward introduces a young girl
named Katie and declares that Samuel is her father.

As Samuel fights for his innocence against a brother who delights
in antagonizing him, the rest of the family struggles to find the
truth. Will Julia believe Samuel’s declarations of faithfulness? Will
Katie find a home with the Worthams? Can Samuel and Julia’s faith
survive this troubling test?

This sequel to Julia’s Hope and Emma’s Gift is a
gripping story of truth, forgiveness, and reconciliation that will keep
readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.