As assistant to a famous actress, Courtney is used to fulfilling ridiculous requests. Then her boss demands a date with handsome cowboy Adam Greene while on location in Montana. Delivering up Adam just doesn’t seem right. Especially since Courtney’s got her eye on him, too.

Adam’s not interested in high-maintenance actresses. But he can’t deny his attraction to sweet, fresh-faced Courtney. How can a small-town guy compete with glitz and glamour? Leave it to a cowboy to wrangle himself a Hollywood ending …

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About The Author

While earning a degree in acting at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, Lesley fell in love with theatrical costuming. In between working as a homeschooling mom and as a professional theatre costumer, Lesley has completed several novels. She is a member of the Northwest Christian Writers Association and American Christian Fiction Writers. A native Montanan, Lesley now resides in the Seattle area with her husband, two daughters, three cats and a big loud dog.

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