In Lorenzo Bannister’s latest adventure, he is living in New Orleans and working as a medical doctor. Between his promising medical practice and his love for his fiancée Eugenie, Lorenzo is finally happy and at peace after working for the Continental Army. But his happiness is short lived.

A hurricane sweeps through New Orleans two days before Lorenzo and Eugenie’s wedding, leaving the town severely damaged and Eugenie missing. Frantic with fear and worry, Lorenzo searches the flooded, demolished city for his fiancée. It is Lorenzo’s friend and mentor, Colonel De Gálvez, who must tell Lorenzo the shocking news: Eugenie has been seen in Baton Rouge in the company of a British man.

Lorenzo is determined to find answers to the puzzling questions about Eugenie’s departure from New Orleans. Facing the possibility that she may be a traitor to the Spanish cause, Lorenzo joins the Spanish Army and makes his way to Baton Rouge along with the troops Colonel De Gálvez has assembled to attack the British. Once again, Lorenzo finds himself on a dangerous mission, this time in desperate pursuit of his fiancée while waging war on the Redcoats.

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About The Author

Lila Guzmán balances the historical record for younger readers, co-authoring the 'Lorenzo' series with her husband, attorney Rick Guzmán. The series focuses on the Spanish contribution to America's quest for freedom during the American Revolution.

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