Ancient language expert Samantha Yale returns to translate a new batch of scrolls written by the fallen angel from Lucifer’s Flood.

Samantha Yale has taken on a daunting translation project. A set of scrolls, delivered by a man she knows nothing about, tells a fascinating and frightening tale of what went on behind the scenes of biblical history. What is even more incredible is who is telling the tale–a fallen angel who immediately regretted his decision to side with Lucifer.

With The Deliverer, Linda Rios Brook brings new depth of imagery into the spirit world. It is a story about rebellion and consequences. It is about demonic strategy to disrupt and destroy the people of God. But ultimately, it is a story about the unrelenting love, grace, mercy, and determination of a sovereign God in pursuit of His children.

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About The Author

Linda Rios Brook, president of the RiosBrook Foundation, is a speaker and teacher on matters relevant to cultural restoration. Linda worked as a media executive for more than 20 years in broadcasting. An ordained minister, she is a teaching Pastor at Covenant Centre International in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and married to Larry Brook, executive director of the RiosBrook Foundation.

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