She has the perfect life — or so she thought…

Richardson is living a charmed life. Perfect family, beautiful voice,
wealthy fiancé. But when she realizes her soon-to-be husband only values
her for her pretty face, her life is suddenly in turmoil. Then a
handsome young man comes to her rescue when she’s stranded in a storm on
Christmas Eve. And the world suddenly seems full of possibilities….

her former fiancé, Jackson Judge loves Barbara for everything she is,
inside and out. But how could so lovely and talented a woman ever love a
scarred monster like him? All he can see, shut away in his room, are
his wounds from Pearl Harbor. Jackson finds himself questioning God’s
plan, but Barbara knows real love looks deeper than beauty or scars.
Eyes of love see straight to the heart.

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About The Author

Linda is a writer with her hands in too many pots including her new gig as an agent for Hartline Literary Agency. But she loves to stir those pots and see what the finished products are like. She was an editorial assistant to Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency and a final reader for White Rose Publishing. She still judges, and is a speaker for conferences and meetings where she takes the adage “make ‘em laugh” to heart

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