After a tragic accident along the Swan River took the life of
his mother, young Jared Conway grew up thinking little of the family he
lost. As an adult, he remains without an anchor. With his marriage truly
over — despite his attempts at reconciliation with his ex-wife — and his
young son far away at boarding school, Jared discovers that his success
as a commodities broker has brought him little inner peace.

impulse he suggests to his son, Nicolaus, that they go to Montana over
the boy’s summer break. Jared’s plan is simple: to spend time with his
child and to clean out the cabin he has inherited, in order to make a
quick sale in the hot real-estate market.
But when he gets to
the river in Montana, Jared encounters three things that will change his
life forever: the forces that have been driving him toward empty
success, love for a spiritually grounded ceramist named Eden Powell, and
the bridge that will finally lead him home.