Mandie and the Missing Schoolmarm: Mandie’s favorite teacher, Miss Hope, has gone missing! The start of
school is fast approaching, and Miss Hope’s sister, Miss Prudence,
refuses to call the police. Everywhere else they turn leads to a dead
end. It’s almost as if no one wants Miss Hope to be found…

Mandie and the Graduation Mystery:
Mandie and Celia will soon graduate from the Misses Heathwood’s School
for Girls, but mysteries continue to distract them. Can they find
solutions in time? But the biggest question for Mandie and all her
friends is, What adventure comes next?

Mandie and Joe’s Christmas Surprise:
Mandie and her friend Joe team up to plan a very special event for the
Christmas Eve program at her church in Franklin, North Carolina.
Rounding up the town’s orphan children to participate, Mandie’s goal is
to provide them with a permanent home.

Mandie and Mollie & the Angel’s Visit:
Mandie’s young Irish friend Mollie is spending Easter at Mandie’s house.
She’s still looking for leprechauns and a pot of gold, so it’s no
surprise when she says an angel came to visit her. But it’s a surprise
who the angel turns out to be!