Relive exciting mysteries and learn
important life lessons with Mandie and Snowball and the whole gang. Be
part of the adventurous series that has sold over six million!

Mandie and the Invisible Troublemaker
A new school term is beginning, and Mandie is saddened to learn the
Misses Heathwood have put the school up for sale. Then a mysterious
troublemaker begins pulling pranks–and making it look as though Mandie
is to blame! It will take all Mandie’s sleuthing skills to get to the
bottom of it.

Mandie and Her Missing Kin

Visiting her friends the Woodards in Charley Gap, Mandie is eager to see
her father’s old log cabin, where she used to live before her father
died. It appears run-down and deserted–until she sees smoke coming from
the chimney and a face peeking out the window. Who could be living

Mandie and the Schoolhouse’s Secret
When Mandie is exposed to the measles, Grandmother Taft keeps her out of
school until they know for sure she doesn’t have the disease. Mandie
doesn’t like missing out–especially with all the construction to
modernize the school building going on. Surely there’s a mystery to