Angie Harrison has fled a glamorous life as a New York model to come to Julesburg, where her brother and sister-in-law live. She tells herself that the past is behind her and buys the local weekly newspaper. She immediately becomes interested in doing an article on one of the historic old buildings in town, the Nevermore theater. The theater is especially interesting because of the tales of murder, suicide, and deadly accidents happening to anyone connected with it.

But Angie’s past isn’t behind her. Her New York love, rich and controlling Burke Davis,won’t let her go. An even earlier love, Ethan Kearney, also shows up. Her good friend Kristi is murdered back in New York. And the deepest secret of her past returns to haunt her.

And all come together in a riveting climax connected with the Nevermore, which has secrets of its own and is eager to claim another victim.