The oldest of seven daughters, Ruth Schrock has grown up believing that her uncompromising father has never really approved of her independent nature. Though devoted to her community and her faith, she’s always found it difficult to follow the straight and narrow path of a deacon’s daughter. When Ruth is asked to teach in a nearby community, she jumps at the opportunity—feeling that God has given her a chance at a life of meaning.

Ruth never could have guessed that her new path would lead to Levi Yoder. Handsome Levi is a shy and quiet man. He lives alone and seems most comfortable spending time with the injured animals he rescues and cares for. Ruth and her all-embracing love of life confuses yet captivates Levi. With her school across the road from his farm, the attraction grows—but so do the conflicts. Can these two opposites find a path they can walk together into the future?

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About The Author

Marianne Ellis is the pseudonym for JoAnn Brown and Cameron Dokey. Jo Ann Brown currently writes in The Patchwork Mysteries series for Guideposts and Thorndike.  Her interest in the Amish goes back to when she and her family lived in Pennsylvania near Lancaster County. Cameron Dokey has written more than thirty works of fiction including romances for readers of all ages. Her young adult works have appeared regularly on the ALA most recommended lists.

Books by Marianne Ellis

Summer Promise (Amish Seasons #1)

With the heat of summer comes the warmth of sunlight, shadows of the past, and Miriam's chance to win the heart of the only man she's ever loved ' her husband.