Jennifer Brooks can’t wait to see Ryan Follett, the redhead with dancing blue eyes she fell hard for six weeks earlier when they met in Dublin. But when Ryan arrives in the States accompanied by two coworkers — including the shadowy Mark Garrett — he covertly slips computer disks to her, asking her to guard them with her life.

Once they’re at a safe location, she learns the truth. Ryan, the architect of an award-winning arena in Dublin, has discovered that the construction materials ordered are inferior-not the ones he specified. The roof could collapse, injuring or killing hundreds of people, and he’d be responsible. Armed with the tactics of a listening-device class, Jennifer launches on a quest to find the troublemakers while Ryan returns to Ireland to redesign and strengthen the building. The intricate web of fraud she and her attorney brother discover will have shocking consequences.

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About The Author

Marlene D. Lake, an Ordained Minister and retired United Methodist Pastor has served as pastor of four United Methodist churches and as chaplain at Bethany Lutheran Homes, and taught Communication Skills at two colleges. Rev. Lake facilitates a Christian women’s group dedicated to praying for church, community, nation, and world. These women believe their prayers will help change the troubled world in which we live.

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