Beautiful Irish actress Kathryn O’Brien has just finished a successful run as the lead in The Baker’s Wife on the Dublin stage. But now she has to figure out what’s next.

When Jim Brooks, her new boyfriend, insists on taking her to a special place while she’s in the States for a wedding, she fights his plan. Selfish and immature, she angrily declares she can make her own way. But when she learns it’s the Guthrie Theater, she’s elated. Determined to act and improve her skills, Kathryn decides to audition for the Guthrie acting program, is selected, and receives another surprise — a temporary position in the musical Xanadu at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. Plunged into life in Chanhassen, Kathryn is amazed by the cast’s open-armed acceptance of her as a replacement for the beloved Tracy. As her friendships with Tommy, a young man with Down syndrome, and the cast and backstage people grow, Kathryn might achieve not only her heart’s goal of performing, but something else startling … the family she never had.

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About The Author

Marlene D. Lake, an Ordained Minister and retired United Methodist Pastor has served as pastor of four United Methodist churches and as chaplain at Bethany Lutheran Homes, and taught Communication Skills at two colleges. Rev. Lake facilitates a Christian women’s group dedicated to praying for church, community, nation, and world. These women believe their prayers will help change the troubled world in which we live.

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